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* click the picture to see it enlarged
** pictures are taken from the debug version of the game

This was my first 2D game I've built. The game takes place shortly after second world war.

In 1946, unknown to U.S. intelligence the russians were making covert ops north of Hawaii. I was a young lieutenant back then full of energy and excitement. One calm morning, our captain was given orders to patrol the northern sea in our trusty airship. We took off just as the sun was rising above the calm waters. I was at the observation deck scanning the waters as that was my duty as an officer of the U.S. navy. The air was sharp and cold and not a single cloud in the sky. And there!!! just below the horizon I spotted small glitters. "Is the sea playing tricks?" I asked. I better make sure it's not just my imagination. "Captain!" I yelled. "Yes, lieutenant" the captain replied as he came closer. "Look, there..." I pointed out to sea. "You see that?" The captain affixed his binoculars to his tired eyes and his face turned pale. "Full speed ahead!" he shouted...